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  1. William says:

    Lois, this is exactly the level of disroucse the Moments are designed to elicit. It’s one thing to read a generally nice saying or quote on Facebook and push the Like button it’s something else to dig down deep, where our metaphorical slugs reside, to see how we REALLY deal with issues like peace and nonviolence .We MUST be willing to dig deep, and dig in public. It’s the only way that we can grow a true human society from the inside, from our hearts. Not from the outside, with rules, laws, regulations and constitutions.I don’t think that the slug bait means you don’t have core values I think it means that you have several values, and that they come into conflict. And, you may not have an easy answer or resolution for those conflicts. The place we balance those conflicts is with each other, in community. We won’t all agree with each other, but we can all know that we share the same values although the balance for each of us may be different.Thanks for digging deep Peace,Sharif

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