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5 Responses to Contact Shariff

  1. Reaching out to you for turbulent support.

  2. Ruth Burnett says:

    Met you today at IONS gathering.
    Reading about your organization and would love to read the early chapters of The Chronicles.

  3. Janet Court says:

    I loved your presentation for the “Wisdaom Summit”. I am interested in a source for your workbook. “Practicing Collectivity” . We humans need a lot of help, birds and insects seem to be ahead of us.

    • Shariff says:


      The birds and insects aren’t “ahead” of us… we’ve just forgotten that it is important for us to live WITH the Community of Life, not standing on top of it. We’re waking up and remembering…

      The best way to order “Practicing Inclusivity” is directly from


  4. Yogmo says:

    I want to thank you and let you know that you have made a difference and an impact and touched lives with your words through me; and my friend who sent me a link to your web site. I sent “Mass Shootings, Anger-Fueled Suicides & A Society Without Dreams” to many of my friends and family; specifically my young adult nephews, who also struggle with anger and frustration. I was concerned that your message would be off putting to my more christian family, and dismissed, but they accepted your written wisdom as a positive non denominational truth and are passing on your message. Thank you again and I wanted you to know that you made a positive and real impact with your words.

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